Mobile Clinic

Why a Mobile Clinic you ask?

Because it brings the Community together!

Gyoto Monks
Dr. Hari with Dog from Gyuto Monastery
DSCN3011 (2015_06_12 05_24_19 UTC)

Gyuto Monastery

The monks at Gyuto Monastery love the strays there, and look after them really well, calling us when they are sick or injured, and even bringing them to our clinic for sterilization (and offering to pay!). They don’t just call us, they stay and watch how the dog is treated, get medicine for it, and look after it during recovery – they are the loveliest! They even let an old injured mule live out his life on their grounds.They called us about a pup whose paw was injured and had parvo symptoms. It was so cute how they all watched with the concern of parents as we cleaned up his wound and gave him some painkillers. The little doggie must have felt SO LOVED!

While we were treating him, His Holiness The 17th Karmapa, who resides at Gyuto Monastery, came past and blessed the dog. His Holiness Karmapa loves animals and this guy was lucky to receive his blessing.

Mom and pup
Pup on the side of the road
Kamlesh deworming the pup

With a Mobile Clinic you are Ready for Anything

For instance: we saw a pup just laying next to her mom on the fronts steps of a shop. We stopped and asked the shop owners if these were their dogs.. They said “no” they are stray but they feed them. (this is common) We asked where the other puppies were and we were told they died.

So, we will try our best to keep this one healthy. We dewormed her that day and will go back for her vaccination and spay when she is old enough as well as her mom. We gave the shop owners our number to call us if any of the dogs get sick or injured. Teamwork with the community is the only way we will accomplish anything!

Mobile Clinic By the Numbers!

In 2014: New Cases 673 . Follow up Cases 1318

Animals treated included: dogs, cats, mules, horses, cows, goats, sheep, monkeys, etc. 

Monthly Costs for the Mobile Clinic

Veterinarian Salary: $450      Vet Assistant Salary:  $135

Petrol for Mobile Clinic Van:  $230       Medicine: $650

Van Donated by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation