Meet Marvin

Marvin 2

His Story: Marvin looks like a character out of a children’s story-book and was found wandering the streets of Dharamshala by our founder, Deb. He was a skinny mangy dog with a front leg that was crooked and useless. He was immediately taken in by DAR and the very long process of getting him healthy was started. Marvin has a chronic skin problem that will never be cured, but the symptoms can be managed with a good healthy diet and regular baths.

Personality: Laid back loner with a zest for life.  Marvin can usually be found relaxing in the sun, and when he gets the chance he loves sneaking off into the neighbor’s garden to sleep on the porch. The once, lifeless Marvin, is now the first out of the gate for a hike and is off leading the pack down the road, hopping along on his three good legs.