ABC/AR – Animal Birth Control-Anti Rabies

Charan Kad Girl helping a pup get vaccinated
Net Catching
  • India has the highest numbers of stray dogs in the world at an approximated 35 million.
  • India also has the highest amount of human deaths by rabies. 95% of the time this is the result of a dog bite.
  • To have a successful ABC/AR Animal Birth Control/Anti Rabies program, 70% of the dogs in the area must be sterilized and vaccinated per The World Health Organization’s protocol.
  • Historically, and in some communities today, the Indian government has taken to mass culling, an inhumane method that actually does not solve the problem.
  • In 2008, 3 people died of rabies in Dharamsala as a result of a dog bite, including a 4 year old child.
  • In 2009 DAR sent staff to be trained in humane dog catching and sterilization surgeries
  • In mid 2009 DAR began it’s mass sterilization and vaccination program
  • In 2014 a second vet was hired to just perform spay/neuters. 
  • By 2015 over 2000 sterilization surgeries have been performed and more than twice that number have been vaccinated for rabies
  • We follow the World Health Organization protocol for created a rabies free healthy dog and human population. 
  • As far as we know, there has been only one human death by rabies since 2008 to the present day since we started our program.

Cost for a female spay and post operative care (based on 3 day stay): $35

  • Sutures =  $16
  • Injections( Antibiotic,painkiller,multivitamin,Dewormer,Anesthetics) = $8
  • Anti rabies vaccine=$3
  • Antiseptics+Gauze+cotton= $3
  • Food= $5